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Smiling The GambiaHello from The Gambia

Smiling The Gambia

Great service, hospitality, lovely vibes and genuine kindness.

DSB Wholesale Foods

You'll love our New Gambia

Smiling The Gambia

Jazz Nitetlife always on at the Kombo Beach Hotel

Nex day you may like to try some breakfast, lunch dinner in Bakau.

Gambian Food, Accomadation & Markets

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Come Visit Gambia

We are hoping to go to the Reggae Festival in November. It is a great event. This year there will be more national and international artists.

I know there are lots of people out there who dont even know we have a Reggae Festival every Novemebr, or that The Gambia even exists.

I guess its all because because our contries so small. But hey, we have great festivals!

My name is Momodou Bah. I live in The Gambia, the smallest and possibly among the most peacefully countries in Africa.

My greatest wish is meet new people.

To connect with people everywhere.

Let me tell yousomething about my country.

The reason The Gambia is known as the 'Smiling Coast of Africa' is becausemany people who have visited, say it is after their wonderful experiences here. it starts from the moment you step your foot onto Gambian soil.

The Gambians are very amicable people. We respect each other and show humanity in every way possible. We greet each other with a smile and glow in our eyes. Gambians are generous, they sharie everything. Most would even give you our last dalasi, if you really needed it! They are a lot of fun.

Creative Gambia


Gambians are creative, musical and as you may have already heard, make wonderful food.

We are a sociable people. We love engaging across all our communities. We love interaction, even if in passing can just be a wave and a smile!

Once you chat with someone and share a little bit of your life, you are considered a friend!

A gentle introduction to Africa

In many countries across Africa, there's a kind of multi-sensory, vibrant atmosphere that accompanies the buzzle of day-to-day life. It can prove slightly overwhelming for foreigners, but in The Gambia, you’ll encounter a more relaxed, laid-back pace of life.

Culture shocks are commonplace when visiting developing countries, and especially in West Africa. New food, different clothes,... but be assured, the friendly locals throughout The Gambia will put you at ease as soon as you see their genuine big smiles.


The official language of The Gambia is English, ensuring communicative ease. You even have access to English-language newspapers!







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Coming Soon Reggae Music Festival The Gambia

Smiling The Gambia

Nothing you say will change my mind. The Gambia is the best place to be.

Smiling The Gambia

TICKETS - The Hamlet Medina Salam Gunjur The Gambia

Local & International Players
Smiling The GambiaAlso watch for events at the Bakau, Gambia @ Independence Stadium

Brikama Markets: African Drums, Handcrafts, Bags, Belts, Gifts & Cards.