Sustainable Development

The future of Agriculture means everything to The Gambia

Development Goal , 2014
Sustain Development

The future of Agriculture means everything to us in The Gambia. Link here to find our Gambian National Development Plan 2018-2021 I want to talk about sustainable development with everyone, not just in The New Gambia but with everyone, everywhere. Link here to our Gambian National Development Plan for 2018-2021

Soon I will be providing a comments window on this page so we can openly discuss sustainability and how we might consider our issues through an open discussion.

Food Yes, but I desperately need a House

I urgently need to build a livable House, as the one we are in is seriously Unsafe

Septembery 8, 2018

Hey! I finally got a real job. I am so relieved. I now work with Darou Salam Bah in the very busy Brikama Market. I cant tell you how hard it has been trying to survive over the past couple of years doing a day here & there, finding work on a farm or concreting ... but never having a relaible job.

The good news is that I will now have just enough to help feed my mother and my younger siblings. Life has been extremely tough for us, over recent few years.

Now ... I need to urgently raise extra funds, to build a house, for my family. My job is is great, but it is not enough to save on. IPer month my wage barely covers food for our single parent houshold. The house we live in now is not even ours, the people who own the land need us to move out BUT we have no where to go.

To top things off, the roof leaks our beds are wet from the rain, this house is crumbling, all the walls are falling down. Want to Learn more? I have start a budget plan and am reaching out the the world, trying to find help to raise the funds I need to build a house.

You can help me here Please look at my budget , consider my situation and Donate please . If I could just get past the challenge of providing a safe, livable house for my family, I know I could get on with my studies and do even greater things with my life. Please Donate . Help me raise the funds to build a livable house.


Gambia Has Launched its First AGRIC-TECH

Not only innovative, but hopefully will help us connect

September 1, 2018

AGRIC-TECH is a Crowdfunding Online Portal – A MONEY FARM with a Difference . You can onvest in projects, farms and products and even get a share yourself. You win and they win. Become an Invester. Invest in Money Farm . "Investors can receive up to 20% returns on their investments depending on the amount investment and the value of the produce."

Entreprenures Listen Up

We need to connect our Mobiles to the world-wide-web

July 10, 2018

As Ms Fatim Badjie, founder of  Ace Communications   said, we must try hard, be disciplined and have patience, as we learn to become Entrepreneurs

I found the "10 Books for Budding Entrepreneurs and Can-Do Kids" and agree we need to start early with out influence where we can. The picture of the boy above is enough to inspire anyone.... dont' you think. Message me

If you are confused, you might ry with this Click. Get your own Free Business eBook