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My full name is Momodou Bah. I am 18 years old.

I live in Brikama, which is in the Republic of Gambia, West Africa.

As you may already know, The Gambia is the smallest nation in the world. Our needs are greater then just Roads Rates and Rubbish. Namely, it is important to build capacity within our communities to help lift us out of poverty... from the bottom up.

Our family is extremely poor. We live on land that is not ours. My father died recently. He had been working away from home to feed our family. He had been quite ill for a while. Now that he is not here to help us the responsibility of the family falls down to me.

I now have to find a way to provide for my mother and her other four darling children. I also desperately need to find a way to build a house as the one we are in is literally falling down.

Our father left us a small piece of land. It is a small piece of scrub on the outskirts of town. We are lucky to have this land. But now I must find a way to build a house for our family.

After many years of doing odd jobs concreting, farming work when I could get it, I have finally found a job as an assistant in a Rice Wholesale Food Shop at the Brikama Market. I am very grateful to have a job as the wage is just enough basically to provide food for our family.

Unfortunately however, the wage is not enough to build a house. Truthfully to save anything on this small wage will take many decades. I need to raise funds, will you help ? I have a fundraiser also on GO FUND ME .

This is why I am reaching out to you and to the rest of the world. I am hoping that vistors to this website might help me either with constructive ideas or donate some funds, to help me build a house for the family.

You can read more about my House Project and the estimated House Budget I have been put together. Please go the Menu at the top of this page.

Please contact me if you can help. Please Donate if you can. As you can imagine every little bit will help. I urgently need some friends who may understand the desperation I am experiencing.


Attitude is Everything

I work hard everyday to stay strong and hopeful. If I could just provide a house for my mother and her family, I feel my life would forever be improved.

Allow me to show you where things are at right now. Things like 'how  does The Gambia sit for youth' in the general scheme of Gambia's position in the world economy.

What pathways are there for our youth today?

As I explore my world, you will be able to follow me as I browse through issues, and share different aspects of my lifes journey.

At present my focus is on opportunities, canvasing for things that could be improved, through sustainable economic development. I badly need to earn a better income.

Affirmation "Make Things Happen"

Snapshot of my socio-economic surroundings.

Below is a situational analysis on topics concerning youth in my age-group.

I will explain my Lifestyle plan, as we move down this page.

I am looking for people who may want to give me feedback, or even become part of the develop of my overall project and budget plan.

Critically, I see an urgent need to support in areas that build my own local capacity, through education, community development, small business and trade. This goal outlines how we, in The Gambia need to participate together to create real and safe work for youth.

My Lifestyle Plan has an affirmation that aims to learn to do things that build capacity for myself, my family and local community.

Yep Gambia

I hope to be able to go to the YES Gambia Youth Conference next year. Given this positive response I heard about with the last one.
See this Video "Snapshot from the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit: Gambia"
Archived: The Gambia: Youth unemployment rate from 2007 to 2017
Archived: Gambia's youth between hope and frustration
Archived: Empowering Youth in the Gambia
Archived: African Youth AfDB’s 25 Million Jobs Initiative Not so different to the poorest parts of South Africa and places like here, Brikama in The Gambia.
You can find a brief overview of The Gambia from the World Bank.
Archived: Unfortunately, I can recognize the saddening situation described by a visitor in an article called "6. Getting followed by Bumsters". Scroll down the page until you see it. For visitors, we are sorry about this.

Here is example of a wonderful story below of a 14 year old child who managed to get an education early.

Mathews Story

As you will see it was his mother that started to teach him when he was very young. I like Matthew Mckenzie's story. His smile is an aspiration to all of us who really want children everywhere, to succeed.

Getting Connected

Did you know The 'Gambia has a mobile subscription rate of 139 per 100 people, while Japan's rate is 130'. This kind of information really just blows me out. Another fact is realizing how Muhammed Jah, founder of QuantumNet actually began his African Dream. It's real. He started his plan as a 'computer teacher.... and is now a telecom heavyweight'.

Be the Change You Want to See

May I say for Mr Muhammed Jah definitely, it was a case of 'Dreaming big and Starting Small'. Makes sense to me.

Over the past weeks I have come up with a few ideas on how I might dare to explore, inspire and develop myself.

First Step: I am building a small business market plan, with a logo, mission statement and business card. A plan to help me create my own income through a series of steps, one step at a time. I know I have an awful lot to learn.

Until a few weeks ago I was among the majority of the worlds unbanked population. Then something happened. Now I am among a minority of those banked citizens in my own country. Do I believe this is process, I hope so.

My new Gambia Trust Bank has an interesting history. Even more interesting is their story explain how; "THEY DARED, THEY DID: THE STORY OF YOUNGSTERS THAT FOUNDED GTB" scroll down their page to read the story.

Step Two: I am hopefully going to be sponsored to do some educational, trade for business courses, in the near future. The good news is that leaning to build this webpage is already part of a small mentor sponsorship. I will tell you more about that later.

Step Three: It is my purposeful intention to earn a living at the same time as following a basic set of educational pathways, to work to provide for my own family, as well as contribute to my own community.

If you like any idea or can respond to any offers I make through this webpage, please drop me a line.

If you would like to advertise or donate to my website please let me know.

You can also send me a link or any interesting short stories, that I can share.

All your feedback will assist me, create pathways of progress for myself and others in The Gambia.

Example: Find this article on local computer bargain store in Brikama. I take my hat of to any local person who can work with new technologies in The Gambia, given how poor our nation is and how fast things are changing everywhere else, throughout the world.

A quiet note: I imagine all the progressive statements I make right now will grow as I move forward in my developments. As I am still learning how to build a webpage, sometime my updates will be slow due to access to internet credit and desktop tools.

At this stage I have broken my steps down into three central themes. These steps lay beneath what motives me to develop a House Project alongside a LifeStyle Plan.

Lifestyle Development Goals

I will simply map an outline of personal perceptions.

The Struggle: As the eldest in my family I have a the responsibility of taking care of the basic needs of my mothers children at the same time as working toward developing my career. Any bigger dreams after that would be a bonus wish for me, at this stage.


Mantra: "I need a house with a non-leaking roof ".

My house hasn't long to live, it needs a new roof and substantial amount of repair work.

My household is made up of my mother and her five children. We have no father living with us at present. My siblings are very young.

Interesting Article: "A list of Children’s views and opinions on the TRRC and transitional justice"

At the moment I work with my mother, we take care of the house and the children. We are a happy loving family, but very poor. We have no father living with us at present. Besides housework, I have tried to always keep my family is safe. This means finding food every-day, and trying to improve our need for basic shelter.

I have a small casual job cleaning in an Internet Cafe here in Brikama. The manager Gillen, is very good to me and allows me to use his computers sometimes.


If you would like to advertise on my new web site please contact me. It is the first step I am making to reach out and connect.

My goals are to branch out into professional services through media and community development. I am presently canvassing the needs of my own community. I am considering the way I might form teams that are prepared to support me as a Start-up business.

I have a number of ideas that I will present shortly.

I am also considering a Crowd Fund me or some other way of raising fund. This is to raise cost for both education and housing.


Educational fee's, and access to trade courses are expensive in The Gambia. On top of that there is also the cost of transport. Additionally, there is the cost of materials you need, plus board/rent to pay, if you need to leave your home area, to do the a course.

My struggle includes the worry of leaving the children and my mother alone to cope if I have to leave home, to study for awhile. The major city Banjul, is on the other side of the river, I live in Brikama, which is in the Western District, some 40.3 km away.

Business Dreams, Lifestyle & Travel

Well I'd love to believe everything written within the article linked below. Can I believe it is possible.... I hope and do understand that maybe if you target realistic goals, then even from here in The Gambia, there are global opportunities.

How To Make Money While Traveling The World

About Me

About Me

G'Day. Friends call me Lama UC. Click here to see my House Project.

I am the host of the site Urban Colours.Online here in The Gambia.

Visit The Gambia , me and my family love to me people and share stories.

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