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Three bags of Cemment

Something I want to share with you about a way to store water. Here is a clip of villagers building a small water tanks for their home in Laos.

Lama UC

A video outlines step by step the process for constructing a ferrocement tank. There is a clear list of all materials needed and this workshop on building the ferrocement tanks from the people of Laos.

Some steel rods & chicken-wire. Some water, rocks, shovels and a wheelbarrow.

Video was produced by World Renew Laos.

You can see the measurements and layout plan for the design of this Ferro-Cement Water Tank in the video above.


Come Visit The Gambia

My name is Momodou Bah. I live in the The Gambia which is the smallest and peacefully country in Africa.

Lama UC

My greatest joy is meet new people. I like to connect with people everywhere. So do mot of my friends and the people from my country,

I know there are people across the world who do't even know where the Gambia is...

This I guess is because The Gambia hardly ever makes it into the International media, because The Gambia is a smal nationl.

The reasonThe Gambia is called the 'Smiling Coast of Africa' is because people who have visited say that they have had a wonderful experience. They even say that 'it is apparent from the time you step your foot into our soil' that you will enjoy yourself in The Gambia. You will always find Gambians are very amicable, caring people.

In the Gambia, we respect each other. We show humanity in every way possible. We greet each other daily with a smile. We are generous, cheerful and most often sharing everything.

Most people would give you their last dalasi if you really needed it!

Lama UC

Visit us in The Gambia

Gambians are creative, musical and make wonderful food. We love to engage sharing food as a communities. As a society we love interaction, in passing with just a wave and a smile!

Our history is a deep as it is wide. The Museum has the story as well as the many historical sites you can visit.

A gentle introduction to Africa

In The Gambia, you’ll encounter a more relaxed, laid-back pace of life.

Our services and general supportive nature, will put you at ease as soon as you arrive.

Did you know that the official language of Gambia is English.

Why we even have access to English-language newspapers!


Find out more  http://urbancolours.online