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My House Challenge


I am so scared the walls of our house are collapsing. The wet-season rains are leaking down through our roof. The walls of this old house are crumbing. I am scared the roof structure will completely fall on top of me or a member of my family.

I desperately need your help. Please will you help me raise funds to build a new house. You can give me ideas on how to raise funds, or donate directly. I have a special account for saving specifically to build a house.

Crumbling House

Please have a closer look

The walls of this whole house are crumbling, my bed is soaked from rain and the roof is falling down.

Falling Roof


Unstable Walls

My Bed is Soaked from Rain

I work as an assistant in a small Rice Shop during the day from, 8 am in the morning till 6pm at night. I have my mothers four young children that I look after. The little amount of money I earn funds food for the month, but there is nothing left for anything else.

I have put together a estimated House Plan Budget.

You can find more detail on the Please Donate page. From there contact me directly.

Or you can Donate through Go Fund Me


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Lama Bah

G'Day. Friends call me Lama UC. Click here to see my Lifestyle Plan.

I am the owner of this Urban Colours website here in The Gambia. I have a person who helps me host this site in Australia. We met on Facebook and I have been learning how to make webpages using simple html and css. I have little time but I am studying hard with books that were sent to me. I have no electricity and internet credit is expensive, so I am doing what I can to reach people around the world to please lend me a hand.

Find out where I work - Darou Salam Bah Wholesale Foods

Visit The Gambia . My recent article on why you might like to visit me in The Gambia.

Brikama is where I live


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