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Each coupon is to raise funds toward building a house and has an offer attached

History lions & hunters

Slave Trade

The Gambians history includes the Colonial story of the exporting Slaves

Gift = Reflective Essay for Donation of $300

Bells-values-home life

Working Together

My parents family lives across a number of countries in West Africa, because of work.

Gift = Story & local snips about their lives for Donation of  $500

Core Values

Action is Louder then Words

I ask for those that can, "Please Help"

Gift = Heartfelt Gratitude Poem for Donation of $1000 or more....

Core Values

   Gender Equality

Equality for Girls is vitial. Meet my family & have us show you The Gambia, during your visit.

Gift = 3 Day Guide of The Gambia $2000



How it Works

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I know that nothing in life is for free. That no matter how poor one is, I understand that it is still important to find a way to show gratitude where ever you can.  As this is my chance to explain my urgent need for donations, to raise funds to build a house, it is also an opportunity for me to show why it is your chance to donate as a way of investing in the future wellbeing of me and my family.


In return for each donation I receive, I offer a gift to you in return. When you Donate toward my House Budget, you may choose a Coupon. On the flip-side of each Coupon, a small gift is attached. Note, you can read all the background to why I am these raising funds, by clicking through the Menu files listed at the top of each page, on this Urban Colours website.


My Coupon Gifts


The gifts in return, I pledge to do, in return for each donation I receive. These gifts are custom-made meaning, no two gifts will ever be the same. I will archive the gifts that I have completed and sent on a separate page, for transparency and all to see. Later I may even publish copies of them all in a e-book, as a whole appreciation to all those who may have assisted me an d my family, to build a house.


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Secondly, The Gambia is a great place to visit.


If you are ever passing through West Africa, we would love to meet you. The Gambia has a long history, culture, lots of markets, handcrafts, music, and even  a monkey island. As well as this The Gambia has many wonderful people and lots of artists.


My family would love to meet visitors from across the world and share new stories. We could guide you to the best hotels and show you where to shop and visit a selection of interesting places.   Look here at the following links ---> Abuko Nature Reserve , River Gambia National Park , History and Info , Music and here's the link to some mostly wise ---> Gambian and West African proverbs and there's more to see on this Gambian Resource page ---->


If you have any questions about me or this House Project, please do not hestiate to contact me.

If you have any questions about me or this page, please do not hestiate to contact me.

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