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Thank You so much for visiting my Urban Colours Community Page.

This is my Connect The Gambia Page.

This page will grow as I add a basic directory and listings of general info about whats on and other useful resources for my  Brikama community.

One day you never know, I may even offer a Live Chat with a real like Comment option.... just like Facebook.

You can work with me and send me a line to encourage me . It always helps.

Here's a plug for my Boss, Darou Salam Bah . I am his Shop Assistant. He runs a Wholesale Foods Store at the Brikama Markets. A very busy suburb south of the Capital Banjul in The Gambia .

I have big plans for this page in the near future. At present I am working on getting some solar power, enough to power a laptop computer. If you are interested in helping me to develop this page please let me know. The Gambia has many mobile phones but we need to make better use of the internet and all that it could provide us. We do need to connect.



I offer you space to advertise your Community Adds

1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 month pricing offers on this Urban Colours website.

Your contact information is always free, given it will be put in the Community Directory.

If you want to advertise, want photo's, a caption or have a story to tell about your organisation, project or something on events coming up, then please do contact me.

"Gambian National Development Plan 2018-2021

Anything is possible now with the web, except we need more access. I hope the internet prices for credit and web-hosting do come down so in our country so more people can feel part of this rapid changing technology. The future is with the Youth. We need to do more to encourage their innovation by giving them encouragement wherever possible. Lowering access prices to the internet would be a great start.

Sample of Music Video's. I will come back to do more later.


NEW: Gamvibes E02 on Youtube. This Rocks!


Jizzle ft Artenola's “Man Of The Year”. I like this video's clean, slick style.


Thee Bro - One Nation and more on the《 Gambian Music 》Youtube Channel

See You Soon Folks

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