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About Me

My name is Momodou Bah. I  live in the republic of Brikama, which is a urban suburb in The Gambia, West Africa. I am 18 years old.

Lama UCI work in a small rice shop at the Brikama Market, I am the second assistant. I started working there 4 months ago. I got this job because I was a good costumer. My boss respected me because I always found a way to repaid my credit food accounts. I was extremely grateful for his help. It meant over time, I had earned his trust and this is a major reason that my boss considered me reliable. He felt that I was one of his good costumers. That is why he offered me this job as his assistant.

During my interview he expressed that he would like to work with me in his shop because he himself felt that he was not that educated in the many languages we speak, here in The Gambia. 

Not being fluent in language has been a barrier that frustrated my boss because, when he had to order products for his shop, it took him a long time to fill out the different order forms, which he sends by mail, to a managing group of suppliers, in Banjul. Banjul is the capital of The Gambia.

My Family

My father is not alive now. He died of malaria recently. Being the eldest means it now falls upon me, to take good care of my family.

Lama UCI have to do as much as I can, to look after my mother, and my four little brothers and sisters. My wage does feed us well, although we are not living large.

We have just enough to make it a little better then before.

Last year, I was still going to school but unfortunately I was not be able to complete my education. This is  due to my families very poor financially status. My father wasn't able to pay my school fees and, the rules of the school are 'if you don't pay school fees you are not allowed to attend classes' in The Gambia. So I ended up being forced to drop out.

Since leaving school and before getting this job in the local rice shop, I have worked on local farms for a day here and there, when I could get work. And occasionally as a concreter. It was terribly stressful. Never enough work to feed the family, nor funds to provide my little siblings with fees for school.

As I work now, I am also self-learning about the internet and how to write html and css code. My ambition is that learn code so I can become a web developer, from here in The Gambia. At present my learning is slow, as I work extremely long hours in the rice shop.

Additionally, I don't have the right tools.

I have an iphone: Without access to electricity, I am forced to study and learn html and css through my phone. Coding this way is difficult. To use a computer, you need at least 60 watts which is more then 5 watts for led-light power. I am hoping we get affordable wifi-connections in The Gambia soon, at present it is still extremely expensive.

Find out more, visit me on  http://urbancolours.online 

House Plan. The house we live in is completely falling down. I am trying to build a House for my Family but, I need some help with the Budget. Also difficult is that we have no power or water. I walk miles to town and back everyday with my mother before or after work to get water from the local community well. I am trying to do something about this situation to improve the life quality for my mother and my younger siblings.

Please take a look. I explain my House Project and I make an offer to all who contribute, with a Donation, toward building a House for my Family.